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Whether you need to design organisational strategy, create a campaign, inspire your workforce with a speech or a workshop, or - if you have a project that is beginning to feel impossible - get in touch because I can help you.

Based in London, I am available both online and in person. I keep my rates low for purpose-led organisations and especially those who work to dismantle structural racism and systemic oppression.

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Communications and campaign strategy

Do you have a campaign to win or a message to share?

Tamsin has transformed the conversation around the climate emergency. With a strong network of trusted messengers (influencers and celebrities) and unparalleled expertise in creating provocative comms strategies that excite mainstream attention, Tamsin has helped develop campaigns, communications and digital strategies that create non-linear change. From the launch of Extinction Rebellion to reversing the government's decision to sell England's public forests; from halting airport expansion plans to influencing the Government's support for gay marriage and getting the EU Cosmetics Directive passed in full - Tamsin creates strategies that

appeal to diverse audiences and win campaigns.

Tamsin will audit your journey so far, working with you and your team to develop and strengthen pathways towards greater engagement and more ambitious outcomes. They will establish and introduce you to the processes, networks and campaigns needed to amplify your message. With their enviable network of influencers and celebrities - and strong relationships with journalists at every major newspaper - they will find

the trusted messengers who can further uplift your campaign or cause.

Tamsin is available for intense strategy sessions or a more durational strategic presence in your organisation and amongst your team members. Get in touch to make a plan for how they can help you.


Inspirational Speaker

Tamsin inspires audiences both online and at live events.

Tamsin has given speeches that have inspired celebrities and influencers to become passionate advocates for a cause.  Whether speaking at intimate events or corporate away days; to schools and universities, or with faith and campaign groups; to advertising agencies, broadcasters, festivals or at three TEDx events, Tamsin excites audiences and inspires them to believe in their purpose.

Tamsin speaks with passion about how social change happens.  They inspire audiences to expand their imaginations; acknowledge and begin to heal from the wounds of capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy, and to take action to build community and create a more just world.  

They are also an expert climate emergency communicator, able to explain the science

behind the climate and nature crisis and offer guidance as to how we might solve it.

If you have an event, conference or away day that needs to be both

grounded and inspirational Tamsin is the perfect speaker for you.  

Session in Progress

Training, Workshops and Facilitation

Tamsin designs bespoke sessions to inspire you and your organisation.

Tamsin offers training and workshops to inspire and shape change, which are engaging

and participatory. Drawing on their extensive experience as a campaigner, organiser

and facilitator, they will develop a session tailored to the needs of your group.

Your session might centre on:

- Developing your strategy
- Campaign and action skills
- Establishing campaigns and groups
- Facilitation tools and consensus decision making
- Fundraising 

If what you are looking for isn't covered, please do get in touch so that we can create

a bespoke workshop to support and resource you and your organisation. 

Tamsin is also available to help plan and facilitate an important meeting, develop your vision

or curate an away day, ensuring that your event or meeting is a good experience for everyone

involved. They are a skilled facilitator with over a decade of experience supporting and participating

in diverse groups of all sizes that work together towards societal change. 

Get in touch if you need help with:

- Visioning and strategic planning sessions
- Building resilience into your working practises
- Away days
- Evaluations and reviews meetings
- MCing at gatherings or conferences
- Addressing a complicated group dynamic

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Organiser / Project Manager

A calm and reassuring organiser, creating processes that deliver results.

Whether organising a declaration of rebellion against the British government or a party for the Amazon outside the Brazilian Embassy; a letter signed by over 100 celebrities that made The Sun's front page or a Festival of Resilience - showcasing Newham's community - hosted at The Crystal, Tamsin is an expert organiser & project manager.

They have managed global teams with Lush Cosmetics and Extinction Rebellion. They've helped to create some of the most significant political interventions in recent years; influencing government on their decision to legalise gay marriage, keep the UK's forest estate in public hands, declare a climate emergency and halt Heathrow's third runway.

If your project is so ambitious that it sometimes feels impossible, Tamsin can work with your team and budget to transform your fortunes and see the project through.

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Writer and Creative

Tamsin's writing has been featured in The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday, Rolling Stone Magazine, Vogue UK and more. They are the author of RUSH! The Making of a Climate Activist (Marion Boyars, 2009) and Do Earth: Healing Strategies for Humankind (Do Books, 2020). Represented by Laetitia Rutherford, they're working on their third book.

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